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At my core, I'm a researcher. I believe that the best theories come from practice-- I've allowed my professional background in costume design to underscore my scholarly discussions of dress and identity. This is a space in which I present both ideas, in the hope of passing on new perspectives on the ways we dress. 

I graduated with a BA in Screen Arts and Cultures from the University of Michigan and a MA in Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory and Museum Practice from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I have worked in costuming for film and television, including Netflix and AMC, in exhibition installation and collections management of costumes and textiles for museums, including for the Art of Motion Picture Costume Design and Art of Television Costume Design exhibitions for FIDM Museum, and as an independent author and researcher of academic scholarship, including the Comics Arts Conference at San Diego Comic Con, the Film Fashion & Consumption Journal, and The Middle Spaces. Most recently, I've joined VoxPopcast as a co-host. 

My name “Monica Marvelous” comes from the historic Marvel Comics slogan “Make Mine Marvel.”It’s the perfect combination of my love of history, superhero comics, and the possibilities of empowerment that come from dressing up.

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